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For 3 September 2011 neo-Nazis mobilise to Dortmund again for their so-called „Nationaler Antikriegstag“ (National Anti-War Day). They will use this march which exists since 2005 again to propagate their ethno-nationalist version of anti-capitalism and anti-imperialism (for more information on that please read our call for the demonstration in English. The alliance Alerta! (http:alerta.noblogs.org) has been established as a cooperation of diverse anti-fascist groups to sabotage, blockade and at best impede the Nazi march.

Also, there are two further alliances that mobilise for blockades against the Nazi march: “Dortmund stellt sich quer” (the name is untranslatable, meaning something like: “They shall not pass! – Dortmund will resist!”) which is close to the Left Party and “Dortmund nazifrei” (Dortmund – free from Nazis) which represents the rather social-democrat and liberal spectrum. We plan activities against the Nazis already in the run-up of the demonstration and for Saturday, 3 September, itself.

The group “Dortmunder Antifa-Bündnis” (Dortmund antifascists alliance)  invites you to come to a radical left-wing demonstration at the eve of the Nazi march. For 2 und 3 September there will be a convergence center where you can get a meal, find information, get rest and meet people. Via twitter we will keep you up to date on what is going on. There will also be a legal team, paramedics as well as an OutofAction team. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a place to sleep, if you work for the press and have a question concerning our activities or if you would like to support our call for activities against the Nazis: http://alerta.noblogs.org/kontakt/

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